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‘Plan my Work’ then ‘Work my Plan’ Post -Its Post-Its.. Product #: Post-Its Regular price: $16.00 $16.00 100

‘Plan my Work’ then ‘Work my Plan’ Post -Its

Product Code: Post-Its
Availability: 100
Weight: 8.00oz
Dimensions: 6.50in x 4.25in x 2.00in

Price: $16.00

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  • Portable and compact, our planning Post-Its are easily stored in a pencil bag, envelope or folder.
  • The package includes 1 pad each of the ‘Get Ready • Do • Done’ phases, 1 jail pad, 1 time robber/time saver pad, and 1 time calculation pad.
  • Post-Its are designed to support students in:
  • Planning their work by writing and posting the “Done” goal, the mid-point “Do” goal and the “Get Ready” goal on their work, planning sheet, agenda book, working clock, etc.
  • Calculating a window of time needed to complete a task. Students love the size of this sticky note to readily break down and plan the time needed to complete tasks.
  • Identifying time robbers and time savers to help them to stay on task and reduce distractions.
  • “Jailing” their time robbers before, during and after a task to prevent distractions from ‘stealing’ their time towards task completion
  • The ‘work my plan” post-it pack can help guide your students towards planning, initiating and completing tasks within allotted time frames.
  • These planning post-its are great aids for teaching the students the process of how to plan, to sense and attend to the passage of time and self monitor.
  • The level of support each student requires to learn how to use these planning post-its will vary.
  • Fun and functional!