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My Power Clock Designed to help students monitor the passage of time and increase independent time and task managem.. Product #: My-Power-Clock Regular price: $14.00 $14.00 2 - 3 Days

My Power Clock

Product Code: My-Power-Clock
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Weight: 2.00lb
Dimensions: 8.75in x 4.75in x 3.00in

Price: $14.00

Convenient and easy for students to use!  Students set an alarm to mark the passage of time or to self- monitor their performance during a task. This is a critical skill towards developing independent time and task management. MyPowerClock is easy to set an alarm and use the clock/countdown timer. Use any of the 8 patented “Quickset” buttons to set the desired time. The “+” and “-“ buttons add or subtract single minutes , similar to a standard calculator for easy use. 

Need a 10 minute alarm? Just push the 10 button.   Need a reminder in 20 minutes? Just push the 20 button. 

Choose either audible or silent/vibration mode by simply opening the clear dome cover.  The vibration or melodic alarm is great for individuals who are easily startled by the more typical loud beeping alarm produced by other timers.  The vibration mode is ideal for studying in class or library.  It’s pocket size makes it the perfect choice for students, teachers and parents. MyPowerClock fits in the palm of your hand and sits nicely on a desk or countertop.