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‘Get Ready • Do • Done’All Task Have 3 Phases Planning Cards Task Cards.. Product #: Task Cards Regular price: $12.00 $12.00 50

‘Get Ready • Do • Done’All Task Have 3 Phases Planning Cards

Product Code: Task Cards
Availability: 50
Weight: 14.00oz
Dimensions: 5.50in x 4.25in x 2.00in

Price: $12.00

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  • All tasks have 3 phases planning cards include a set of 32 cards.
  • Dimensions: 4" x 6“; 2 mm thickness
  • Perfect for teaching students the 360 Thinking ‘Get Ready • Do • Done’ method of planning.
  • Can be used to teach students how to develop a forethought mindset
  • Photos can prompt students to discuss the features of the ‘Get Ready’, ‘Do”, and “Done” phases
  • Can reinforce how to ‘plan backwards to execute forwards’ for students.
  • Encourage students to think critically about the planning process with these cards!
  • The level of support required to learn the planning process will vary among students.
  • Perfect for use with our Write-On|Wipe- Off ‘Get Ready • Do • Done’ Planning Mats or Sketch Pads.