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Analog Clock with Glass Cover To reduce distraction this clock does not make a ticking noise. This clock has a glass face that can.. Product #: Analog Clock with Metal Frame Regular price: $21.00 $21.00 50

Analog Clock with Glass Cover

Product Code: Analog Clock with Metal Frame
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Dimensions: 11.00in x 11.25in x 2.75in

Price: $21.00

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This analog clock is perfect for showing the sweep of time!  And the best feature? This clock was designed to be silent and does not tick! This is a helpful feature as the clock can be used in a quiet  work area without the distraction of the ticking sound. Since the clock face is glass the user can draw the "slice" of time planned right on the clock face.  This teaches students to internalize the volume and sweep of time. Order with our adhesive magnetic clock ring and our signature Tracknets will attach to the clock  to create time markers for students.The clock face is easy to read and the five-minute intervals are clearly marked.