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360 Thinking Academic Planner We have received hundreds of positive reviews and we are excited that the planner has improved the o.. Product #: 360 Thinking Academic-Planner Regular price: $17.00 $17.00 15

360 Thinking Academic Planner

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We have received hundreds of positive reviews and we are excited that the planner has improved the organizational skills of so many students! In response to all the feedback, we have made several changes that make it even more functional for students to use!

Our Planner is designed to help students improve their executive functioning by organizing their time, tasks and materials. Click the link below for comprehensive description of  the planners features.

Click here to see a description the planner and sample page.

Click here for a description of how to use the project planner.  


How is this planner different from a standard Academic Agenda Book?


The typical academic agenda book is really more of a “To-Do” list format. The student merely records the assignment for their given classes. Most brands do not include elements of time planning. In contrast, our planner has a place to record estimated time to complete assigned work and a daily schedule to record school and outside activities into time blocks. Our planner allows students to “see” their day and identify when their time is obligated, where there is time available to be productive and to actually plan for down time.  Our planner prompts students to think about, identify and track the materials they need.


My student’s already been given a planner by their school. Will they be allowed to use this one? 

While it can be an individual school district’s policy to have students strictly use the provided planner, in our experience if students are using a method to successfully record, track and turn in assigned work then most schools have demonstrated flexibility. Please have your school administrator or teacher call us with specific questions or concerns.


What ages/grade is the Academic Planner appropriate for?

 The Academic Planner is designed to meet the needs of students in 5th grade through college.