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360 Thinking Adult Planner

Many parents and adults have observed how our 360 Thinking Academic planner has improved the organizational skills of so many students! It contains so many great features students rely on for planning and task execution that they want one too! So we have taken the best features of our Academic Planner and created a planner for adults! 

  • Spaces to record activities, appointments, and tasks to help you  achieve work and personal goals 
  • Plan materials
  • Estimate time and prioritize tasks
  • Reminders to follow up on tasks
  • Find a balance and plan time for personal tasks
  • Project planning pages   
  • Monthly Calendar Pages 

Research and anecdotal evidence shows that our planner:     

o   Improves task planning

o   Increases time awareness

o   Teaches adults to manage multi-step projects to meet both immediate and long term deadlines

o   Improves overall productivity    

Our planner is undated and each planner contains 5 1/2 months of pages

Click here to see a sample completed page. 


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