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My Power Clock

Designed to help students monitor the passage of time and increase independent time and task management.


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Spring semester 2017 Academic Planner

We have received hundreds of positive reviews and we are excited that the planner has improved the organizational skills of so many students! In response to all the feedback, we have made several changes that make it even more functional for students to use! *The Spring 2017 Academic Planner is provided as one book: Jan thru June.



Magnets that improve executive functioning skills. Students create time markers on an analog clock to show the sweep of time and improve time awareness. These individual magnets can be used for tracking start, check and stop times for up to 3 different tasks or parts of a task in one hour.


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Clock, Stand and Dry Erase Marker

Clock, Stand and Dry Erase Marker


Analog Clock with Metal Frame

To reduce distraction this clock does not make a ticking noise.


Future Glasses

Put on your Future Glasses! These fun over sized glasses remind students to think about the future and do a mental dress rehearsal!


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